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to all who have come and supported our amazing past charities. Your attendance and donations have made these events a huge success.​

DeSonus 2019

MixTape Vol.1

2019 was an exciting year as DeSonus expanded to two concerts on the fifth anniversary of DeSonus' first concert, one in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada and one in Calgary Alberta, Canada. DeSonus 2019 took us back to a cultural icon, the mixtape (or burned CD for the younger generations)! DeSonus 2019 MixTape Vol.1 had us singing along to some of our favourite songs like when you turned up your road trip mixtape as we raised over $18,000. Our guests were treated with some a collaboration of amazing talent from across Canada that came together to perform some unique renditions like the beautiful instrumental of Colours Of The Wind. We were proud to support three charities for this year's concert, a close to home charity for each concert and one common charity for our far away cause. The charities supported were the Airdrie Boys and Girls Club, the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, and the Ujamaa Grandmas (more can be found on these causes under the Charities tab).
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DeSonus 2018

The British Invasion

DeSonus 2018 took us on a trip down memory lane for most, into the seemingly bottomless barrel of musical talent that has come and continues to come out of the UK. DeSonus 2018 The British Invasion had us singing along to artists from all genres as we raised over $12,000. Our guests enjoyed unique musical journeys like this rendition of the rock anthem House of The Rising Sun. We were proud to support the Airdrie and Area Health Coop, as well as Medical Ministries International as our featured charities (more can be found on these causes under the Charities tab). This fourth annual concert brought talent from across Canada and the US and by all accounts was the best one yet!

DeSonus 2017


Bringing it back to our Canadian roots! DeSonus 2017 was a huge success with improvement in all respects from DeSonus 2016. We raised over $8000 while taking our guests on a tour through the sounds of Canada that helped shape a multitude of generations of Canadian music listeners. From an acapella version of Lenard Cohen's Hallelujah to Rush rocking away to Tom Sawyer, DeSonus 2017 brought a plethora of genres to the table for all to enjoy! We were proud to support the Creative Impact Foundation, as well as The Tip of The Toes Foundation as our featured charities (more can be found on these causes under the Charities tab). Our third annual concert saw some changes throughout the program, but by all accounts our guests loved the changes. We are looking forward to another amazing concert this coming September. We hope to see you for DeSonus 2018 The British Invasion!