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COVID-19 Cancellation


Due to the current state of our world, the DeSonus 2020 concert series has been cancelled. We are incredibly disappointed in this reality, but we know if was the right decision. 

With the uncertainty of restrictions surrounding singing and live music events in the province, we made the difficult decision to let go of all the of planning we had put in for this year and focus more completely on the 2021 concert series. 


Planning Ahead

The DeSonus team is already planning diligently for a concert series in the fall of 2021 which we know will be an incredible evening where we will be able to share in something that we may have taken for granted before; live music and the opportunity for charitable events. 

For now, we are planning on seeing you face to face for a fantastic evening of music and purpose this in 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

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